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Tue, Apr. 19th, 2005, 07:30 pm
catiana_albatou: (no subject)

I don't have anything written out for this yet, but I wanted some advice before starting, please.

Title: The Omue Chronicles (Blade of the Moon, Fist of Vengeance, The Last Great Legion [possibly working title])

Fandom (If appropriate): Original fic (slightly steampunkish anime-inspired fantasy with a setting loosely based on the golden age of piracy, which I swear actually makes more sense than you’d think. O.0;; )

Link: None... none of the stories are finished. (That'll teach me to work on all three parts of a trilogy at once.) If you need any extracts I may be able to upload relevant bits to my LJ, but like I said, I need guidance with this bit before I write anything more. Also, since this only concerns two characters, rather than the entire story...

Age Rating: I'm not 100% familiar with the American rating system, but for violence, I'd probably give the fic itself R. Since I’m not posting the fic at this stage, though… probably PG-13.

Explanation: I don't know if either the character or the scenario are badly clichéd or 'Sueish in any way, and since I've been striving to avoid 'Sueishness if at all possible, I wanted to find out at this stage.

The... uh... condensed versionCollapse )

That’s about the point I’ve got up to with the Cassandra sub-plot. I’d also be grateful if you could tell me if this next bit is unredeemably bad/’Sueish/clichéd/whatever:
After saving Lorena, Cassandra sticks around. She never officially joins Lorena’s squad, but killing her gradually becomes less and less important in the face of staying alive herself, and she gradually develops a grudging respect for her former target/enemy.
In some bizarre way, she’s going to end up as a sort of Vegeta character- not a ‘good guy’ per se, and in it purely for themselves, but definitely no longer siding with the ‘villains’.

So… yes. Sorry this was so long. If you’d like part of the story/ies in question, I can upload them to my LJ or something, but right now they’re sitting on my hard-drive in lots of little pieces...

Mon, Apr. 18th, 2005, 12:11 pm
b2wm: (no subject)

Story Title: Wargs to Live By
Fandom: Lord of the Rings
Author: WargishBoromirFan
Rating: PG, currently
Status: WIP
Summary: Tenth walker AU, you know the drill. But is it possible to keep them in character? Plus, we have Wargs...
(I'm still experimenting with it.)
Explanation: Tasana is a Sue. She's one of the Sueiest Sues who ever Sued. However, I'd like to keep the rest of the cast believable, even if there's no help for Tasana. Is anyone OOC? Is there any way I can improve reactions? Is there any way to improve the backstory?
Sample: Reasoning for Sues and Boromir's assorted ramblings:Collapse )

Fri, Apr. 15th, 2005, 06:04 pm
sabonasi: (no subject)

Story Title: A Comedy About the Tragedy of Chaos
Author: S. A. Bonasi
Summary: When a new threat in the form of a rogue doom appears, it will take the combined forces of Good and Evil to defeat it. But Zankou has his own agenda... Is Kyle up the challenge? Set between "Carpe Demon" and "Show Ghouls." Please read and review.
Fandom: Charmed
Rating: T
Status: Complete
Explanation: The story contains an OC by the name of Deon Jekyll. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that he's a bit...um...speshul. Va-san - who critiques my work - also has stated that he's speshul. The only problem is, there's not a lot I can change about him without having the whole story fall apart. I tried oc_analysis, but they weren't able to help. So I come here. Does Deon come off as too speshul? What are some ways where I could make him seem less 'sueish?
Sample: This is a scene where I tried to tone down down his speshulness. Was I successful?Collapse )

Just as a final note, I feel that I should point out that the story centers around Kyle and Zankou, not Deon. So I don't need the audience to like him, per say. But I don't want them wanting to spork their eyes out, either!

ETA: Thanks for all of the help, everyone! I took the advice you gave me and expanded upon the story. Not only am I now happier with my OC, but I feel that the entire story has improved.

Fri, Apr. 15th, 2005, 05:28 am
lunariia: Welcome to the community

I intend to make this first post a place to go for general information, links, and helpful tips and advice. Comment here with anything you'd like to add. Including links, general writing pointers, etc.

Hopefully it will grow into a useful resource over time. I look forward to hearing stories, and sharing help and advice.

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