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Wed, Nov. 29th, 2006, 11:51 am
raingriffin: WTF? Fanfiction

Staff - please delete this if it is too off-topic.

WTF? Fanfiction

 wtffanfiction is a new community dedicated to laughable fanfiction and the people who love it. It's a catharsis of laughter from fictions that include Bad Porn, Major OOCs, Crackfiction, and more, all with a healthy dose of snark.

The community is rated PG-13 at face value, but to see the higher rated stuff you must befriend. I do not plan on changing this as Livejournals can be potentially accessed through Google. I am currently looking for mods who would be interested in helping out. If you would like to become a mod, please contact me from the following contacts.

AIM me at Second Cerebus
MSN me at theaugurey@hotmail.com